When & Why The Bondsman Comes To Your Door With Handcuffs

We have heard all kinds of horror stories about how the bondsman has kicked down the door, scared the wife and kids, and dragged a client back to jail because they haven’t paid on time, or because they missed court. We’ve even heard that some bondsmen will revoke a bond if there are no sexual or drug favours given. That’s reprehensible and cannot be tolerated.

We can’t speak for other bail bonds companies – just for ourselves. We work hard to help our clients stay out of jail.

We give people every opportunity to pay and, if they can’t, to work out a new payment arrangement with us. Because of this stance, we have very few people who end up in trouble this way. In fact, we work out ways to have our clients pay us while meeting their other obligations like probation and child support. We do ask that our clients TRY.

We also give people the right to do the right thing if they miss court. We will reach out to you, your co-signer, your references, and anyone else we can find in an attempt to make contact. Most of the time, court was missed due to misunderstanding with an attorney or good old-fashioned forgetfulness. When we call, most people say “Aw, shit!” and arrange to meet us up at the jail for what we call a “turn and burn” … We meet you at the jail, you turn yourself in and once the new bond is posted, we get you back out again immediately.

We only show up at the door if there’s no other option. Still, we’re going to give as much dignity as our client allows us to give. We do come armed and ready for anything, because some clients will kick up a fuss (please don’t! it just gets you dragged off to jail with taser burns) … but compliance gets met with respect and compassion – in some circumstances we’d even be willing to bond the client out again.

So what do you do if we show up at the door?

  • Own up to your stuff.
    • Don’t try and hide (we will search everywhere)
    • don’t try to lie about your identity (we’ve got pics of you)
    • don’t try to run out the back door (it gets you tased)
  • Don’t do anything that’s going to make us nervous. As long as we know you’re not reaching for a weapon, everyone stays happy.
  • Speaking of weapons, if you go on the offensive, we’re going to meet force with a greater level of force than you want to deal with. Just DON’T. If you work with us to do the right thing, we’ll try to do right by you in the course of us doing our jobs.
  • DO ask us “what are my options?”
    • If the issue is non-payment, this can often be worked out.
    • If the issue is a failure to appear, we HAVE TO take you to the jail – there’s no options, no waiting for a better day, no pay-off to make us go away. However, the manner in which you go is up to you. If you’re willing to go peacefully, we may opt to forgo handcuffs, leave you with your cell phone so you can make arrangements, etc.
      • If you do not wish to go to jail, and you can give us the entire amount of the face value of the bond in cash immediately, we will forgo arrest, pay the bond, and our involvement ceases (you’ll still be wanted by the police)
  • Be aware that we may take pictures or video of you, so that we can document that you are in our custody, and also document your condition when we take you to the jail.

Remember – our mission is to keep people out of jail. We’re not wanting to put people back in!

Questions? Give us a call 🙂