Do You Have A Warrant?

There are two types of warrants that I want to discuss here –

  1. A failure to appear on a bond that Cape Fear Bail Bonds wrote
  2. A warrant for anything else (arrest, fta on other charges, child support, cost & fines, etc)

If you have an FTA on a bond we wrote, we are able to assist you in clearing that up. We would much rather figure out a plan with you, than have to take you off in handcuffs. If you commit to doing the right thing, we will work with you 100%.

Unfortunately, if it’s a charge that falls under #2 above, the only way to learn if you have a warrant is to show up at the jail and inquire.

Give us a call beforehand and we will work with you to make a plan. Often we can do what we affectionately call a “turn and burn” … we’ll meet you at the jail or courthouse, you’ll turn yourself in, and we’ll help you burn right back out of there with a new bond.

It’s always way better to turn yourself in than for the police to arrive at home or work and arrest you – usually at the worst possible moment!