Missing Someone?

Are you missing someone you love? We want to help!

There are so many hardships when a loved one is in jail … it takes an emotional, physical, and financial toil on everyone involved. Often the one in jail is the breadwinner for the family. Children miss their mom or dad, spouses are separated and often can’t even see each other face to face, social relationships become fractured, jobs are lost, businesses dwindle. The economic impact alone can set families back, causing them to face loss of the home or vehicle, food insecurity, and more.

Pre-trial jail, for most defendants, costs them the ability to adequately represent themselves in court. For some, it also causes them to become better criminals (which is why we urge parents to get their kids out of jail and not leave them in to “teach them a lesson”).

Hiring a bail bondsman like Cape Fear Bail Bonds is a great option. We can help you bring your loved one home from jail without breaking the bank. They can be back to you, the kids and the rest of the family, and back to work while their case works its way through the court system.