Making Your Payments

Making payments is easy! Pick an option and be sure to do your payment on your due date. If you need to do something different, we can usually work that out. We just need you to sign a new agreement (Not a big deal – we can email or meet up).


  • Electronic Payments
    • CashApp: $capefearbb
    • Venmo: @capefearbb
    • Paypal:
    • Facebook: friend your bondsman & pay via messenger
    • Google Pay: to your bondsman’s phone #
  • Wire Transfers
    • We accept Western Union, MoneyGram, Walmart-to-Walmart
    • Send to your bondsman’s full name:
      • Kenneth Sharpe
      • Kathleen Sharpe
      • Robert LaClair
      • Genell Sikes
      • Wilson Norris
    • Text your bondsman a pic of the receipt with the tracking #
  • Credit Card Payments
    • Call the office at 910-632-0554 (Wilmington) or 910-640-2318 (Whiteville). The agent on duty will help!
  • Cash
    • Call to arrange a time to meet up in Wilmington, Bolivia, or Whiteville.

Don’t worry if you’re Genell’s client but you pay Miss Kay, or you’re Santa’s client but Bobby picks up the money. All payments get recorded in our system immediately so that your bondsman knows you are paid up.