Bail Bonds Law in North Carolina

Bail bondsmen in North Carolina are regulated by the North Carolina Department of Insurance (NCDOI). We must go through a strict licensing procedure that includes school, fingerprints and background check, and two very intense tests. We must also do continuing education and re-licensing on a regular basis.

We have very stringent laws we must follow as bail bondsmen. Some of these are very important to our clients, such as the laws regarding the amount we can charge, how we handle money, and under what circumstances we can put someone back in jail. Other laws apply to how we solicit business and process paperwork.


  • A bondsman CANNOT charge more than 15% of the face value of the bond.
    • This means on a $500 bond you cannot be charged more than $75.
    • Bondsmen cannot charge more than the 15% for ANY reason.
  • A bondsman is allowed to take collateral, but cash and property have many special rules that you, as the consumer, should research before you put them at risk.
    • Collateral can only be used to pay the bond if you do not appear in court.
    • Upon resolution of the court case, collateral must be returned to you swiftly and in the same condition as when you gave it to the bondsman.
    • Collateral cannot be used as security for payments.
  • If a bondsman offers to “take it in trade” (sex, drugs, or any else illegal), you should call the police and NCDOI immediately.

Please consult the NCDOI web site for more information.