Cosigners & Distance

We like to be able to meet the co-signer for the bond in person at the jail, but sometimes that isn’t possible.

If health or transportation is an issue, we often can come and meet them at home or hospital if they live locally. All the necessary paperwork can be done and payment received, then we will go to the jail and post bond. If necessary, we can help to secure transportation home if the defendant needs it (there may be additional costs involved for a taxi, but we can bring the funds to the defendant on your behalf).

Occasionally, the best cosigner lives at a distance. In those circumstances, compete paperwork can be downloaded, printed, filled out, and scanned back to email (scans MUST be legible). This needs to include a copy of a valid ID. Payment can be facilitated via credit card or wire transfer. Under no circumstances will bond be posted before payment is made and all forms returned.