Find Your NC Court Date & Get Reminders

Court dates are often complicated and if you have more than one case pending, it’s easy to miss a date and end up with a warrant (and a call from your friendly bondsman!).

Missing your court date can be unpleasant and expensive. You don’t want to go back to jail in handcuffs in the back of a police car and then have to pay us to bond you out a second time.

Did you know you can search online for your North Carolina Criminal Court Dates for Superior Court and District Court AND you can get free court reminders?

It’s super easy – just visit the AOC (Administrative Office of Courts) website and use the “Find Your Court Date” Criminal Query tool.

Be sure to write down your case numbers (including county) – it will look like yearCR or yearCRS and a number (for example, Brunswick 19CR 12345).

Then, visit the Reminders page and get a reminder sent to your email or text messages. Boom! Never miss a court date again!