What If I Can’t Pay?

We set up payment arrangements with our clients in good faith at the time we post bond, and expect that both defendant and cosigner will ensure payments are made in a timely manner. Paying us needs to be a very high priority; if it can’t be, we need to get our full fee up front.

North Carolina law allows bail bondsmen to arrest clients who are behind on payments, and the client is not eligible for a refund of the down payments and any payments that were made. Here at Cape Fear Bail Bonds, we work very hard to NEVER have to do that. 

When we meet you at the jail and make a payment plan, we don’t set you up to fail. We do not set aggressive payment plans because often, people who ended up in jail unexpectedly are not able to get back on their feet as quickly as they hope to. We usually can work within your budget and pay periods. By setting you up with a solid and achievable plan right from the start, we tend to avoid difficulties as you’re making payments.

Let us know at the outset:

  • If your job is at risk because you were in jail, or you lost contracts for your business
  • If you know that you’ll have a short week at work for a holiday
  • If you have planned, unpaid time off coming up
  • If your work hours (and therefore paycheck) will be changing
  • If you have surgery scheduled
  • If you have a large expense coming up and won’t be able to pay both

Within reason, we can usually work around those things right from the start.

Once you’re making payments, if you run into temporary difficulty, please call us immediately.

  • If you get sick and miss work
  • If a crisis happens
  • If the car breaks down
  • If you get laid off
  • If you can’t work temporarily due to weather

We can often let you delay or skip a payment, and sometimes we can permanently modify the payment terms to something you can afford under changed circumstances. Under most circumstances, both you and the co-signer will need to sign a new agreement with us. Having everything laid out in writing and agreed to by all parties is an NCDOI requirement that protects both you and us.

We don’t want to put anyone back in jail … If you’re trying to pay, we would rather work with you. We strongly feel that, although that stance sometimes costs us money in the short term, is better for our business, you, your family, the taxpayers, and the court system in the long run .. and that’s what really matters.

When DO we put people in jail for non-payment?

  • When they lie to us (for example, saying they are sending the money via Western Union, but then never do)
  • When weeks go by without hearing from them, and attempts to make contact are ignored
  • When both the defendant and cosigner refuse to make the payments

If things aren’t resolved within a few weeks, we begin the process to find, arrest, and surrender the defendant and come off the bond. Whether we do that or not is entirely up to them and the co-signer. Communication is the #1 thing – simply call us as soon as you know you’re going to have a problem and we will work it out.